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How can scratches on wood flooring be repaired? Many a times, Wood flooring are build to last, however, due to environments and man-made factors, Wood surfaces are damaged or the finishes tend to get damaged.

Always consult our technicians for professional advice, however the simple rule of thumb is to standby a wood cleaner usually available at most handware/DIY shops.

Wood floor has accumulated dents and holes over a period of time. How can I resolve it?

For such issues, professional help is needed. Contact our technicians and they will advice. Usually, we will try to bluff the affect area if the holes and dent are not too deep. However, for serious case, new replacements might be needed.

Can I use cleaning solutions meant for laminate or vinyl flooring?

Never. Such solutions contain chemicals that might discolor or have a negative chemical reaction on the wood. It might as a result affect the appearance of the wood and its grains.

How do I prevent scratches and dent on my timber floor?

Always use mats and rugs in areas that are prone to scratches and dents. Always place a rubber toe available at most hardware/DIY stores to the bottom of your furniture to prevent them creating holes and dents overtime to your furniture.

How can scratches on wood flooring be repaired?

It will be dependent on how deep the scratches are and what kind of wood it is. For shallow scratches, we will recommend sanding it down by hand and revarnishing it. For deeper scratches, you might need to consider changing a portion of the wood before doing a whole sanding down on that area. As it is very subjective to the condition of your wood and your expectations, it is best to get a professional to take a look at it.

Does Greenwood Timber carry composite wood? (WPC)

Not at the moment. Since WPC was launched in the market, it has a fair share of bad press. We are still in search of a ‘winner’ product, but we are not going to put our client at risk on things that we are not confident of. For more detailed information about WPC,click here.

What is your warranty like?

We offer a One year warranty against internal cracks and deep splits, three years against under frame structures

Why is it that some other companies can warranty their products for five years?

Wood are built to last for centuries but surface maintenance is important. For decking We don’t give promises that we cannot keep and I can assure you that wood decking will not look brand new without tender, loving care. However, we have excellent re varnishing packages that can help you restore the luster on your decking.

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